Frequent Questions

  • What are the age requirements for the different courses?

A: I do not have strict requirements one age, but prefer to divide students by interest and ability. But some general guidelines on age are as follows:

Beginner | ages 8-12

Intermediate | ages 12-16

  • How can I be sure my child is ready for private lessons?

A: People enroll in private lessons for all kinds of reasons. The main reason is that the child shows promise in the arts. Maybe they have interest in pursuing university or a profession in the arts and need help building an appropriate portfolio. Some children need counciling in deciding which direction to go in. The child might have special needs or some kind of neuro-diversity (ADHD, Aspergers for example.) Sometimes it's just a scheduling issue. Whatever the reason, I am happy to customize a path that fits specifically for them. 

  • How do I know if my child is beginner or intermediate?

A: Parents are notorious for overestimating (and underestimating) their children. I am happy to provide an objective observation. I ask that parents send 5-10 images of their children's work, and their expectations from the lesson so I can get them in the appropriate course before we start. 

  • What should I/my child expect from this class? Is it difficult? 

A: My primary goal is to give students a fundamental understanding of drawing and tools that help them to observe, understand and communicate their ideas and/or emotions in a powerful and memorable way. I would not call the class difficult, but there will be some challenge. Challenge stimulates and excelerates growth and learning. 

  • Is there any guarantee or refund?

A: The only guarantee here is that I will give each and everyone of my students 100% of my efforts and focus. I cannot realistically guarantee how the students will react to my instruction, the excersizes or whatever else is going on in their life, and how that might affect their learning. I encourage open communication so that I can better serve you and your child.

I do not give refunds, but payments are only one month at a time, so after the first month you are free to go with no strings attached.  

  • What qualifies you to teach this course?

A: I do have a Bachelors in Fine Arts from a prestigious art school (Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts - Webster University) and am TEFL certified. But to be honest, I think my experience as a professional artist and creative entrepreneur is far more important.  My teaching comes from many different areas of knowledge including, psychology, family dynamics, anthropology, neuroscience, project management, marketing, entrepreneurship and even podcasting. And most of all, I LOVE TEACHING!